The Enemy Within – Book 2

The Enemy Within – Book 2



King Charles has turned against his Parliament. Peter Martins is dead, but not at the hands of Mathew Fletcher. Though Mathew and his three companions have to come to terms with what they have all done. To complicate matters, Mathew’s sister-in-law, Mary, is travelling with him as he continues to track down John Franks and Geoffrey Wilkes, the remaining murders of Elizabeth Moor, Robert Moor and Mathew’s brother Charles.

On their route south into the heart of the English Midlands, Mary befriends Hazel, but Hazel develops plans of her own that start to challenge the friendships within the group.

As Mathew is drawn ever closer to the king in his quest for revenge, Robert Overton, a Parliamentarian officer, uses his friendship with Mathew in his own search for military intelligence on royalist plans for war.

Mathew is surrounded by murder, double cross and intrigue. With Mary, Ethan and Mortimer, they are manipulated by those around them, while they embark on a journey that not only changes their lives forever, but the lives of everyone in England.