About Me

Steven Turner-Bone was born in Kingston upon Hull, UK. It was at school that he gained a love of stories, history and science.

After leaving school, he trained to be a chef, working as a Commis Chef at the Savoy Hotel, London for a time, before returning home to East Yorkshire.

In 1974 he made the huge leap from catering into the computer industry, becoming a mainframe computer operator. It was at AIM in Hull where he met his wife, Sue.

Later as their children grew up, they all joined a historical re-enactment group, where Steven began to learn about seventeenth century medicine and surgery, buy historical medical textbooks and discover all he could on the subject. Steven has toured the country with his historical re-enactment group for many years, giving talks on medicine and surgery.

His skills as a chef have helped him enormously when interpreting and experimenting with seventeenth century cookery books. Many recipes are now firm favourites and he takes great delight in sharing these long forgotten dishes with family and friends.

His interest in science supported his research into historical medicine, and it is a combination of history, cooking and medicine that feature in his books and which make them so different from other historical novels.
Writing has come late in life to Steven, but it is providing a new career that will last for many years to come.