The Firebird Inheritance

The Russian Revolution is over. Tsar Nichols II and his immediate family are dead. Stalin holds the Soviet Union in and iron grip.
        Anna Moreau sits in her Paris flat reading an article in the newspaper about the death of another wealthy French businessman when there is a knock on the door. An old man gives her a plain package, with the instructions to read its contents carefully, and then to leave Paris and to go into hiding as soon as possible.
Shocked by what she discovers in the package, Anna remembers the words repeatedly given to her by her adopted mother before she died.
         ‘If you find yourself alone and in need of help, go to England, and seek the assistance of Jason Parva.’
Anna runs for her life to the one person of whom her mother had told her so much, the English fighter pilot, who she had nursed back to health after he was shot down during the Great War. Anna and Jason have no option but to go on the run with the Russian Secret Police hot on their trail.

The Mathew Fletcher series

Set in seventeenth century England during the events of the English Civil Wars. Our hero is a young surgeon from Kingston upon Hull. He finds himself caught up in events beyond his control and understanding, but with a quest he must fulfil. Leaving home takes him away from everything and everyone he has known, drawning him into a number of adventures that may bring him fame and fortune, or just as easily, death on the gallows or in a muddy field. Unsure of who he can trust or how to find the men he is looking for he must seek help from the enemy.